Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE Bulk Milk Surveillance kit
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Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE Bulk Milk Surveillance kit

Indirect ELISA kit for the surveillance of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 using bulk milk

Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance kit (BMSK) has been developed for the detection of antibodies against BoHV1 glycoprotein E using samples of skimmed individual milk or bulk milk.


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Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE BMSK is able to identify infections caused by BoHV1 using bulk milk.

Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE BMSK is particularly useful in surveillance of marker vaccinated and IBR-free farms.

Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE BMSK is the first indirect ELISA that is able to differentiate marker vaccinated and naturally infected animals.

Plates are in the F8-strip format, coated with peptides belonging to BoHV1 glycoprotein E.

Each kit includes 2 plates for a total of 92 samples.

Short protocol

  1. 200 microliters of undiluted milk samples are added into the wells and incubated overnight at 2-8°C.
  2. After washing, the enzyme-labeled, anti-species globulin conjugate is added and incubated for 45’ at Room Temperature
  3. After washing, the substrate is added and the colorimetric reaction is read at 450nm

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