Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance Kit PLUS
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Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance Kit PLUS

Indirect ELISA kit for the surveillance of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 using bulk milk

Eradikit™ BMSK PLUS is a diagnostic tool developed for the rapid detection of BoHV1 anti-glycoprotein E antibodies in different biological samples, including pool of individual milk samples or concentrated IgG.

The PLUS version includes reagents for both ELISA test and IgG concentration from pooled or bulk milk.

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Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance Kit PLUS is able to identify infections caused by BoHV1 using bulk milk.

Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance Kit PLUS is particularly useful in surveillance of the infectious status of free and marker vaccinated dairy herds.

Eradikit™ Bulk Milk Surveillance Kit PLUS is the first indirect ELISA that is able to differentiate marker vaccinated and naturally infected animals.

Plates are in the F8-strip format, coated with peptides belonging to BoHV1 glycoprotein E.
Each kit comes with 2 plates for a total of 92 samples.

Short protocol

Eradikit™ BMSK PLUS has been developed for detection of antibodies against BoHV1 glycoprotein E using an enriched IgG fraction of milk obtained by sequential precipitation.

Briefly, 10ml of bulk milk are treated with reagent A for casein precipitation; the resulting whey is mixed with reagent B2 and incubate for 90 minutes under agitation. After centrifugation, the resulting pellet is resuspended in sample dilution buffer and directly used in the downstream serological test.

Samples are loaded into the wells and incubated overnight at 2-8°C.

After a washing step, peroxidase labeled secondary antibody is added. After further washing step substrate is added. The plate is read at 450 nm and the colorimetric reaction is proportional to the specific antibodies concentration.

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