Eradikit™ EIAV
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Eradikit™ EIAV

Indirect ELISA kit for Equine Infectious Anemia virus infection in equids

Eradikit™ EIAV is an indirect ELISA based on a double recombinant antigen coated in each well.

Eradikit™ EIAV has a greater diagnostic precocity.


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Eradikit™ EIAV is licensed by:

Eradikit™ EIAV includes:

  • plates are coated with a mix of gag and env peptides (for a total of 460 samples)


Short protocol

Protocol 1 (OIE validated)

  • Sample incubation at 37°C
  • Sample dilution: 1:20 (5µl of serum in 95µl of Serum Dilution Buffer)

Protocol 2

  • Sample incubation at Room Temperature
  • Sample dilution: 1:4 (25µl of serum in 75µl of Serum Dilution Buffer)
  1. Samples are directly diluted into the wells and incubated 60’
  2. After washing, the enzyme-labeled, anti-species globulin conjugate is added and incubated for 60’
  3. After washing, the substrate is added and the colorimetric reaction is read at 405nm

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