Eradikit™ IgG Milk Concentration kit
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Eradikit™ IgG Milk Concentration kit

Kit for the concentration of IgG from milk

Eradikit™ Milk IgG Concentration kit (MICK) allows the concentration of immunoglobulins from 10 ml milk sample.

The final concentrated sample is resuspended in the buffer usefull for the downstream ELISA test included in BMSK (2675-02).

How to order…


Eradikit™ BoHV1-gE BMSK PLUS (2677-02) includes both reagents for the IgG concentration (MICK, 6425-100) and ELISA test (BMSK, 2675-02).

If the concentrated sample will be used in downstream serological test (different from our BMSK), it could be usefull an evaluation of dilution buffer and resuspension volume of the final pellet. 

Short protocol

  1. Caseins are precipitated during the step 1 (Precipitating Reagent A), obtaining milk serum.
  2. Immunoglobulins are concentrated with a second precipitation step (Precipitating Reagent B2) and resuspended with an appropriate dilution buffer.

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