Eradikit™ SRLV
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Eradikit™ SRLV

Indirect ELISA kit for Small Ruminant Lentivirus in goats and sheep

Eradikit™ SRLV platform includes 6 different diagnostic tools for screening and genotyping SRLV infection in goats and sheep.

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Eradikit™ SRLV platform includes 3 ELISA plate format:

  • Screening plate

This plate is coated with a mix of gag and env peptides belonging to the three most divergent SRLV viral genotypes.

  • Genotyping plate

The genotyping plates are coated with specific antigens able to identify the circulating viral genotype.
In each plate are included genotype A (Maedi Visna like), B (CAEV like) and E (Roccaverano strain).
Each sample is tested in three wells, one for each genotype.
Each plate allows to test up to 29 samples.

  • Genotype-specific plate

This kind of ELISA plate is coated with a mixture of different antigens belonging to a single SRLV genotype, in order to reach the maximum sensitivity and specificity.
Each plate allows to test up to 92 samples.
Plates coated with genotypes A, B and E are available.

Plates are available in 6 different kits:

  • Eradikit™ SRLV Starter kit

Screening plates: 4 (368 samples)
Genotyping plates: 1 (29 samples)

  • Eradikit™ SRLV Screening kit

Screening plates: 5 (460 samples)

  • Eradikit™ SRLV Genotyping kit

Genotyping plates: 5 (145 samples)

  • Eradikit™ SRLV GenoA kit

Genotype-specific (MVV-like) plates: 5 (460 samples)

  • Eradikit™ SRLV GenoB kit

Genotype-specific (CAEV-like) plates: 5 (460 samples)

  • Eradikit™ SRLV GenoE kit

Genotype-specific (Roccaverano-like) plates: 5 (460 samples)

Short protocol

  1. Samples are directly diluted into the wells and incubated 60’ at 37°C
  2. After washing, the enzyme-labeled, anti-species globulin conjugate is added and incubated for 60’ at 37°C
  3. After washing, the substrate is added and the colorimetric reaction is read at 405nm after 15’

This test is developed for the identification of antibodies against SRLV in serum (individual or pooled), plasma and milk.

When the circulating viral genotype is detected by using Genotyping plate, we suggest to use Genotype-specific test to reach the maximum performances for eradication purposes.

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