Double antigen strategy for a MULTISPECIES application.

Based on specific and immunodominant subunit of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid protein for highest specificity.

Detection of all immunoglobulins (IgM, IgG and IgA) for the highest sensitivity

The kit is 1-plate (code 26867-01) or 2-plates format (26867-02).


Eradikit™ Leishmania pen-side kit

The pen-side test is based on a recombinant chimeric antigen which has been shown to be highly specific for CVL.

The reporter used allows the versatile application of the pen-side test for CVL diagnosis in dogs, which represent the main reservoir for human infection, and in other mammals assuring the opportunity of efficiently controlling the spreading of the infection in domestic and wild species.

10 devices format.

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Eradikit™ gE Serum Verification Kit

Eradikit™ gE Serum Verification Kit is an independent tool for the confirmation of gE blocking ELISAs results.

Eradikit™ gE Serum Verification kit is based on the reactivity of IBR-infected animals to the ectodomain of the glycoprotein E, showing excellent sensitivity and diagnostic precocity.
The test gives no false-positive results in vaccinated herds and shows a low cross-reaction with alphaherpesviruses genetically related to BoHV1.

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Eradikit™ BuHV1

Eradikit™ BuHV1 ELISA kit is a diagnostic tool developed for the rapid detection of Bubaline Herpesvirus 1 infection in ruminants.

Its peculiar feature is represented by its ability to identify the infection also if vaccination programs are conducted.
Indeed, marker-vaccinated animals are negative to this test.

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